We provide the best and cheapest League of Legends Level Bot on the market.

VMware support

Run the bot in the background and keep watching how the level grows up

Fast and friendly support

Get help by the supporter, developer or the community itself


Run SandBot only on a 1-core VirtualMachine with just 1.2 GB RAM each VirtualMachine

Beginner friendly

Just install the requirements - start SandBot and login into the bot. All the other stuff is done by the bot in the background. No need to move config files of your own anymore!

Tutorial support

The bot can do the tutorial if wished, to gain extra blue essences

Web Dashboard

Use the Web Dashboard to control the bot and your accounts.


SandBot exists since 2020

SandBot is since over 1 year the cheapest bot on the market. It is developed for the best and most friendly user experience. It gets updated regularly and customer wishes are always respected.

Use SandBot to get the best botting experience

There are no difficult setup instructions. Only 4 easy steps to run the bot! Stay focused on your business and let the bot level up the accounts for you!


Pricing Plans

Any customer get the discord role 'customer' with access to the private discord channels, to talk with other customers about various topics.

Give it a try

2.00 2 days
  • 2 days full access of SandBot (unlimited licenses)

Test it more

5.00 5 days
  • 5 days full access of SandBot (unlimited licenses)

Get experiences

8.00 8 days
  • 8 days full access of SandBot (unlimited licenses)


5.00 monthly
  • 32 days full access of SandBot (1 license)


20.00 monthly
  • 32 days full access of SandBot (unlimited licenses)


5.00 one-time payment
  • Ready to use Virtual Machine with all important things for the bot installed. Only update League of Legends, download the Bot and start botting!